Passive fire protection company in Hove

Passive fire protection in Hove

With over 10 years experience, CSB Fire Protection are a family owned business that has grown to be one of the largest passive fire protection companies in Hove. We are proud to have gained an excellent reputation across Hove and the fire protection industry, helping hundreds of clients across Hove and the surrounding areas with their fire protection requirements.

Our fire protection services in Hove include:

  • Passive fire protection maintenance & installations
  • Dry lining inspections & installations
  • Fire door inspections & installations
  • Fire safety inspections
  • Fire risk assessments

Passive Fire Protection Inspections

Regular assessments ensure fire-resistant materials like doors, walls, and floors are ready to withstand fires. Identifying vulnerabilities and taking corrective action upholds safety standards.

Passive Fire Protection Maintenance

Ongoing upkeep of fire protection systems, sealing gaps, and repairs maintains their effectiveness against wear, tear, and environmental factors.

Fire Protection Installations in Hove

Thoughtfully planned fire-resistant elements, such as doors, walls, and coatings, create zones that curb fire spread, emphasizing safety in buildings.

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Passive Fire Protection Near Me Hove

We offer a range of passive fire protection solutions for commercial & residential properties in Hove. These passive fire protection solutions are all accredited and certified. From fire risk assessments where we check everything from fire doors to the lining of cavity walls and the quality of the passive fire prevention systems.

Passive fire protection solutions are designed to help the following:

  • Contain a fire to the compartment of fire origin
  • Slow a fire from spreading from the compartment of fire origin
  • Slow the heating of structural members
  • Prevent the spread of fire through intentional openings (e.g., doors, HVAC ducts) in fire rated assemblies by the use of a fire rated closure (e.g., fire door, fire damper)
  • Prevent the spread of fire through penetrations (e.g., holes in fire walls through which building systems such as plumbing pipes or electrical cables pass) in fire rated assemblies by the use of fire stops


Full surveys of business premises in test to identify potential vulnerable areas and provide rapid, cost-effective solutions. We can employ various methods to keep fire hazard risk at a minimum, and we will give full Fire Risk Assessment reports to tell you your options in this regard. Measures could include: suggestions for improvements, specially designed fire safety equipment, equipment reorganization, fire stopping applications.


Fire Stopping is the process of safely sealing all penetrations in an area to prevent smoke, heat and flames from passing to multiple sections when a fire breaks out. Our test fire stopping services work through all sections of your scope of work or fire risk assessments.  Plans will be referred to where available and discussions of previous work carried out helps with identifying potential problem areas. All penetrations will be assessed, to make sure that they are covered by the standard manufacturer details and test evidence.


Whether it is maintenance or transformation you need for your test building, we are highly skilled and experienced in dry lining installations. We can work on test projects to help create extra space, reshape or modernise interiors of buildings both old and new. Our test clients benefit from a dedicated team of dry lining experts, offering advice from the concept and design stages, to the installation and final fire safety checks.

Fire protection for businesses Hove

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Why use CSB Fire Protection for your Fire Protection?

CSB Fire Protection is one of the UK’s premier IFC certified fire protection service providers. We offer our clients a wealth of experience and knowledge on an extensive range of passive fire control solutions.

We provide outstanding quality standards on a wide range of fire prevention and protection services including site inspections, fire safety upgrades, technical advice, installations, and product solutions.

We only use the highest quality, performance certified products from the UK’s top suppliers of fire stopping and protection solutions. We pride ourselves on the quality of our performance and delivery and have built our reputation through the development of long-term relationships with all of our clients.

Passive Fire Protection company Hove
Passive Fire Protection Hove
Passive Fire Protection Hove
Hove Passive Fire Protection Companies
Hove Passive Fire Protection Companies
Passive Fire Protection company Hove
Passive Fire Protection Hove
Hove Passive Fire Protection Experts
Hove Passive Fire Protection Experts
CSB Fire Protection
Passive Fire Protection Hove
Passive Fire Protection Hove

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Fire protection for businesses Hove

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