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A fire door is a vital safety device engineered to save lives and property. Fire doors are part of a building’s PASSIVE fire protection system, an essential requirement for ALL public buildings, offices and factories. They are also a requirement in certain domestic situations, such as in flats, where a door leads into an integral garage, in any dwelling where there is a second floor ‘habitable’ room, such as houses with loft conversions or a ‘room in the roof’.

All rooms in any of these situations are separated from other rooms, or compartmented, in order to:

  • keep any fire in the compartment in which it starts
  • protect the occupants (and contents) of other compartments
  • provide a safe, protected route to allow the occupants to escape.

The walls, ceilings, entrances and exits are therefore designed to resist the fire for a specified period of time.

The simple purpose of a fire door in every day use is just as any other door. However, since a breakout of fire is never predictable, the fire door, unlike any other door, must then perform its prime purpose –to protect lives and offer protection to the remainder of the building and to other buildings.

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Certification of fire doors

Third party certification is the only way to ensure that Fire Doors are manufactured consistently to protect lives and save property. Cutting corners can cost lives.

Installer Certification Schemes – designed to ensure that certificated and tested products are installed within the approved field of application by skilled and competent operatives thus giving confidence to specifiers, users, occupiers, owners and enforcement bodies

Fire Doors in Brighton  Fire Doors in Brighton  Fire Doors in Brighton

British Standards

The following is a list of documents relevant to timber fire doors BS 476: – 20: 1987 Fire tests on building materials and structures. Methods for determination of the fire resistance of elements of construction (general principles)

BS 476 – 22:1987 Fire tests on building materials and structures. Methods for determination of the fire resistance of non-load bearing elements of construction

BS 476: – 23:1987 Fire tests on building materials and structures. Methods for the determination of the contribution of components to the fire resistance of a structure

BS 476: – 31.1:1983 Fire tests on building materials and structures. Method of measuring smoke penetration through door set and shutter assemblies – method of measurement under ambient temperature conditions.

BS 8214:2016 Code of practice for fire door assemblies

BS EN 1634-1:2014 Fire resistance and smoke control tests for door, shutter and openable window assemblies and elements of building hardware. Fire resistance tests for doors, shutters and openable windows which is an alternative for BS 476 – 22: 1987

For more information visit the Fire Safety Advice Centre

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What’s the difference between nominal, notional and upgraded fire doors?

What are nominal fire doors?

A nominal fire door is a timber-based door designed to provide fire resistance for a specified period, according to a fire door inspector. Unlike certified fire doors, nominal fire doors have not undergone formal fire resistance performance tests to determine their fire rating. Instead, their performance is based solely on the opinion of the fire door inspector.

What are notional fire doors?

According to UK government guidelines, a notional fire door is one that met the fire resistance standards in place at the time it was built. As a result, these doors may not comply with the latest codes, regulations, and tests. They might lack intumescent strips and smoke seals, and may not even be constructed correctly.

What are upgraded fire doors?

According to UK government advice, an upgraded fire door is a notional fire door that has been enhanced with additions such as intumescent strips, smoke seals, and sometimes a protected letterbox if necessary.

However, you cannot simply add these features to any door and consider it an upgraded fire door. The door's overall condition and core construction significantly impact its fire resistance. To ensure satisfactory performance, the door must be comparable to a certified fire door. Adding these fittings to a lightweight door with thin panels would not result in a fire door.

Fire doors, their ratings, and how best to upgrade

Today, fire doors undergo performance tests to determine their fire resistance rating, typically ranging from FD20 to FD120, where FD20 provides 20 minutes of fire resistance and FD120 provides 120 minutes.

Nominal and notional fire doors have not been subjected to these tests and, therefore, lack evidence of fire resistance or certification. This increases their fire risk, which should be noted in any fire risk assessment for buildings containing such doors.

When installing new fire doors is not feasible, upgrading suitable existing doors can be an effective way to enhance building safety. The best approach involves first assessing the door's suitability and condition. After the assessment, necessary repairs and improvements should be made to ensure the door performs as closely as possible to a certified fire door.

Why use CSB Fire Protection for your Fire Door Installations?

CSB Fire Protection is one of the UK’s premier IFC certified fire protection service providers. We offer our clients a wealth of experience and knowledge on an extensive range of passive fire control solutions.

We provide outstanding quality standards on a wide range of fire prevention and protection services including site inspections, fire safety upgrades, technical advice, installations, and product solutions.

We only use the highest quality, performance certified products from the UK’s top suppliers of fire stopping and protection solutions. We pride ourselves on the quality of our performance and delivery and have built our reputation through the development of long-term relationships with all of our clients.

Benefits of using CSB Fire Protection

  • Tailored to Your Business and Needs
  • Increased Fire Safety in Your
  • Fully Sealed Doors
  • 24 Hour Emergency Call Out Service
  • Repairs Conducted by Our Experienced Staff
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Fire Doors Brighton
Fire Doors Brighton
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Fire Doors company Brighton
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