Fire Risk AssessmentsIdentify & Locate Potential Fire Hazards

Fire Risk Assessment in BrightonCSB Fire Protection is a professional fire risk assessor, with years of experience identifying and reducing fire hazards in the Brighton commercial sector.

What fire hazards are identified?

It is useful to understand the definition of a fire hazard, when considering fire risk assessments. A fire hazard has two components:

  • The first one is the possibility of a fire occurring - for example, a metal fabrication workshop or a kitchen would have a high possibility of a fire because of machinery sparks or cooker flames.
  • The second is the scale of consequences of that fire. Providing housekeeping is good in a business and combustible substances are kept away from sources of ignition, then a fire is less likely to spread.

At CSB Fire Protection is it our job to assess the two factors above and suggest measures to reduce the risk in both as much as possible.

What measures can reduce fire risk in properties?

We can employ various methods to keep fire hazard risk at a minimum, and we will give full Fire Risk Assessment reports to tell you your options in this regard. Measures could include:

  • Suggestions for improvements in housekeeping
  • Specially designed electrical apparatus
  • Equipment location and reorganisation
  • Fire stopping applications around the business

Further information can about fire risk assessments can be read on the HSE website.

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Fire Risk Assessment in Brighton

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Why use CSB Fire Protection for your Fire Protection?

CSB Fire Protection is one of the UK’s premier IFC certified fire protection service providers. We offer our clients a wealth of experience and knowledge on an extensive range of passive fire control solutions.

We provide outstanding quality standards on a wide range of fire prevention and protection services including site inspections, fire safety upgrades, technical advice, installations, and product solutions.

We only use the highest quality, performance certified products from the UK’s top suppliers of fire stopping and protection solutions. We pride ourselves on the quality of our performance and delivery and have built our reputation through the development of long-term relationships with all of our clients.

Fire Risk Assessment company Brighton
Fire Risk Assessment Brighton
Fire Risk Assessment Brighton
Brighton Fire Risk Assessment Companies
Brighton Fire Risk Assessment Companies
Fire Risk Assessment company Brighton
Fire Risk Assessment Brighton
Brighton Fire Risk Assessment Experts
Brighton Fire Risk Assessment Experts
CSB Fire Protection
Fire Risk Assessment Brighton
Fire Risk Assessment Brighton

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