Fire Stopping Applications for BusinessesSafely Sealing Gaps & Penetrations in Walls, Ceilings & Partitions

CSB Fire Protection provides a comprehensive level of fire stopping services, to ensure all walls, ceilings and partitions remain fire resistant.

Our clients benefit from a dedicated team of fire stopping experts, offering advice and solutions for all premises, whether new builds or existing locations.

What Is Fire Stopping?

Fire Stopping is the process of safely sealing all penetrations in an area to prevent smoke, heat and flames from passing to multiple sections when a fire breaks out.

Excess damage and danger is minimised by preventing fire from spreading throughout entire structures by subdividing buildings into a number of fire proof rooms or compartments, thereby localising and containing all damage.

How is fire stopping carried out?

Our team of fire stopping experts will work through all sections of your business premises, checking walls, ceilings and areas where sections meet. Plans will be referred to where available and discussions of previous work carried out helps with identifying potential problem areas.

Any openings and gaps are filled with suitable fire stopping products to restrict the potential of both horizontal and vertical fire spread.

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Why use CSB Fire Protection for your Fire Stopping?

CSB Fire Protection is one of the UK’s premier IFC certified fire protection service providers. We offer our clients a wealth of experience and knowledge on an extensive range of passive fire control solutions.

We provide outstanding quality standards on a wide range of fire prevention and protection services including site inspections, fire safety upgrades, technical advice, installations, and product solutions.

We only use the highest quality, performance certified fire stopping products from the UK’s top suppliers. We pride ourselves on the quality of our performance and delivery and have built our reputation through the development of long-term relationships with all of our clients.

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